It is our belief— to be in the practice of Yoga, is to be in the practice of Self. A wholehearted commitment made towards establishing a profound relationship with connection. A way to share and hold space with others— and ultimately with yourself. This notion is the foundation of our training. One rooted in friendship, integrity, and in reverence of Yoga theory.
— IGNITE YTT creators Stephanie Bard & Alyssa Bajo

IGNITE 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training 

February 2020 


  1. Download, sign & send copy of the agreement form to connect@ignitewellnesscollective.com

  2. Pay non-refundable deposit upon submission of agreement form

  3. Complete your tuition payment


Total minimum contact hours: 180 hours 

Total minimum contact hours with Lead Trainer(s): 65 hours


February 2020 

First + Last Weekend: Friday-Sunday 9a - 6p

Tuesday’s + Friday’s:      630p - 930pm

Saturday’s:                        1 - 9 pm

Every 3rd Sunday of the month: 11 - 5p


10636 N 71 Way #14

Scottsdale AZ 85254



Stephanie Bard | E-RYT, YACEP- Lead Master Teacher 

Alyssa Bajo | RYT-200hr - Co-Master Teacher

Veronica Delgadillo | RYT 200hr - Teacher

Beau Ash | RYT 200hr - Teacher

Crystal Palermo | RYT 200hr - Teacher

Eric Toher | Facial Stretch Therapist + Educator



circle with shoulders_erikapics.jpg

“I am the beginning the middle and the end of creation.”

-Bhagavad Gita



-In full: $2,800 if paid after January 2020

-Early Bird: $2,500 if paid before January 2020

-Paid in Cash: Take an extra $100 off tuition


-$500 non-refundable deposit / registration fee to hold your spot (applies to total tuition)

-Enrollment opens October 3rd 2019 | ends February 2020

-Payment plans available through duration of YTT | please inquire for individualized payment plan

-Tuition may NOT be paid by personal check 

-All payments will receive a receipt that is signed by the payer and by the Lead Master Teacher

**Please note: 75% of total tuition is due at the start date of YTT, regardless of payment plan

*The non-refundable $500 deposit/registration fee can be paid via PayPal, Venmo or cash:

-PayPal:IGNITEwellnesscollective@gmail.com | Venmo:IGNITE-SB

*The remainder of tuition can be paid viaMoney Order, Cash or Credit Card.

To avoid credit card fees, we are offering $100 off total tuition if paid in cash (or money order). 

Continued Expectations for IYTT



-Ignite YTT will provide a yoga training workbook and manual. 

-Student is expected to provide their own notebook, pens, highlighters, etc. 

-Amazon is recommended for best pricing on books. 



·Light On Yoga - by BKS Iyengar

·The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume I  -   by Ray Long 

·Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation -  by Harish Johari

·The Bhagavad Gita – by Stephen Mitchell 



·Students receive free classes during I-YTT

·*Students will be offered a grandfathered rate of $99/month after I-YTT at IGNITE the studio

·$15 off most workshops + events at IGNITE the studio

·10% off IGNITE wellness collective products

·$150 off any photoshoot package with SomethingErika Photography

·Receive 25% off any retreats hosted by IGNITE wellness collective for up to 2 years 

·Discounted 1 on 1 private yoga sessions with IGNITE YTT Teachers for the duration of I-YTT



Each student is expected to commit to each scheduled training in order to complete the required 200 hours. 

In the event the student misses a training course or portion of, they are required to make up the hours missed with a private session with either the Lead Master Teacher (Stephanie Bard) or with the Co-Master Teacher (Alyssa Bajo). Student will also be expected to write a short essay on the information that was missed. 

Per every 3 hours missed, student is expected to make up the time with a 1 hour private session. Private sessions are $60 per 1 hour session (discounted rate for YTT). This will be the best method for make up hours to ensure student receives proper education on missed curriculum. 

Student may also make up hours with workshops or events if it is relevant to topic missed.

For example, student may not attend a handstand workshop in place of missing the Yamas and Niyamas curriculum. 

Workshops + events must be approved by Lead Master Teacher for make up hours. 

A maximum of 25 hours missed is acceptable per student. Exceeding more than 25 contact hours will result in mandatory withdrawal from YTT. Student will be able to register for a following Ignite YTT program and will be able to utilize tuition paid. Student may make up hours up to 2 months after the end date of the program. Student will not receive their certificate of completion until all hours have been met. 



-Upon submission of contract, deposit and/or full payment, the student then has a 5 day grace period to retract application for YTT. 

-After 5 days of contract submission and up to 2 days prior to the program start date, the student can receive a percentage of monies paid (percentage will be determined between student and Lead Master Teacher and is dependent on total number of students enrolled in program), minus the $500 non-refundable deposit/registration fee. 

-Cancellation and/or withdrawal of teacher training while the program is in process will require a written notice to Ignite YTT and results of tuition payback are on an individualized basis (excluding the $500 non-refundable deposit/registration fee). 

-Refund of tuition will be given by money order with a 60 day grace period from date of termination. 

-Ignite YTT is not responsible for any costs incurred for books or materials.

 *IGNITE YTT has the right to deny any person from entering the training program and has the right to withdrawal any student from the program before or during the training. Refunds will then be discussed on an individual basis; refund excludes the $500 non-refundable deposit/registration fee. 

-Should the student experience medical setbacks, prolonged illness, or death in the family then the student and Lead representative of I-YTT will discuss and determine an individualized refund if situation deems student unfit to complete program. 

-Violent/verbal/physical abuse, harassment, sexual harassment, or any other abrasive/inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated and will result in immediate withdrawal from program with no refunds to the student, regardless of the completed length of time. 

Agreement Form


By initialing below, the student agrees to IGNITE Yoga Teacher Training terms and understands all expectations and commitments.

__1. IGNITE Yoga Teacher Training reserves the right to reschedule program start date should the number of students enrolled be too low. 

__ 2. IGNITE Yoga Teacher Training reserves the right to deny any person from entering the training program and has the right to withdrawal any student from the program before or during the training.

__ 3. IGNITE Yoga Teacher Training reserves the right to immediately withdraw any student for displaying violent/verbal/physical abuse, harassment, sexual harassment, or any other abrasive/inappropriate behavior without refund of any monies paid regardless of time completed. 

__ 4. IGNITE Yoga Teacher Training reserves the right to withdraw student from training for unsatisfactory progress, nonpayment of tuition or failure to abide by IGNITE YTT policies and procedure.

__ 5. IGNITE Yoga Teacher Training offers an extensive 200 hour yoga teacher training and offers the tools to help set each student up for success but does not guarantee job placement at Zen Soul Studio or any other establishment upon completion of the program. 

__ 6. Student agrees to commit to 200 hours of required training with IGNITE YTT in order to receive certificate of completion. 

__ 7. Student agrees to pay all tuition fees to IGNITE YTT and understands all policies regarding tuition, refunds, cancelations, etc. 

__ 8. Student agrees and understands that IGNITE YTT is an in depth training program that will require physical, mental, and emotional commitment. 

__ 9. Student understands that it is their responsibility to seek medical care should the student need special medical attention before, during or after IGNITE YTT and that IGNITE YTT and/or Zen Soul Studio is NOT responsible for any cost or medical fees. 

__ 10. Student understands that it is their responsibility to sustain a healthy lifestyle, eating habits and sleep patterns during and after the IGNITE YTT program.

I, _________________, have read this agreement thoroughly, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of IGNITE YTT. I understand that I am responsible for paying the full tuition that is asked and am responsible for payment of any collection fees or attorney fees incurred by IGNITE wellness collective (IGNITE YTT) should payment default. By signing below, I understand that I am responsible for my own health, eating habits and sleep patterns as well as remaining mentally stable during the training. I agree that I am responsible for seeing medical attention at my own cost if needed. By signing below, I agree that I have been cleared by my primary doctor, or another medical professional to participate in physical activity, yoga, and other strenuous activities. I also agree and understand that IGNITE wellness collective (IGNITE YTT), IGNITE the studio and Vital Medicine for the Soul (host) are not, in any way, responsible for any personal items, medical fees or work compensation before, during or after my affiliation with IGNITE wellness collective (IGNITE YTT), IGNITE the studio and Vital Medicine for the Soul.  

My signature below signifies that I have read and understand all aspects of this agreement and recognize my legal responsibilities in regards to this contract. 

Student name (printed): _____________________ Date:_____

Student Signature: ________________________ Date:_____

IGNITE YTT Representative: ___________________ Date:_____