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IGNITE wellness collective exists to inspire and empower those seeking to elevate their true essence of being. Our collection consists of opulent gemstones and fine metals in handcrafted jewelry, daily movement and yoga classes, as well as yoga teacher trainings.

The Collection


IGNITE the studio

Our beautiful boutique space is a sanctuary that will encourage you to elevate your lifestyle in a multitude of ways. Explore our weekly offerings featuring a diverse range of movement, yoga and educational classes that cater to your needs.

Collection of Opulent Gemstone Jewelry

Our sacred vibrational pieces are created using consciously sourced gemstones, rare trinkets and fine metals. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and inspired by the elements and nature that surrounds us.

Explore our collection and let your intuition guide your experience.

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IGNITE 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

February 2020

The yogic path is a physical, emotional, & energetic resuscitation. It is an illuminating experience of rebirth through breath & body. A type of personal combustion set off by the brilliance of your own internal light. Yoga is a lifelong journey. It is a chance to rise up, to step forward, and to lead with illumination.

IGNITE your soul through Yoga Teacher Training

IGNITE the studio

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browse through our weekly offerings of yoga, fitness and movement classes.

Classes are held at Vital Medicine for the Soul- an integrative wellness boutique studio located on the North West corner of Shea + Tatum in Phoenix, Arizona.

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